Battery recycling

Do you know there weren't any recycling facilities for your daily used batteries, and the batteries are very harmful and hazardous waste? Well... You don't have to worry about it. For the first time in Myanmar, RecyGlo is initiated to provide battery recycling services with the aim to provide sustainable solutions for a cleaner and green future.

Why we need proper battery recycling

Most batteries—regardless of different types—contain toxic chemicals. Cadmium, lead, lithium, or sulfuric acid you could think of. If your old batteries end up in a landfill, pollutants like these can leak out into the environment and contaminate groundwater, damage fragile ecosystems of our livelihood, and even make their way into the food chain.

If batteries aren’t disposed of properly, there’s also a possibility they could short circuit, overheat, and cause a fire. And depending on where you live and the battery in question, it may be illegal to put one in the trash altogether.


we Accept these batteries


Carbon-zinc Batteries

Flashlights, toys, etc.

Silver Batteries

Hearing aids, pacemakers, cameras, calculators, watches, etc.

Alkaline Batteries

Cassettes players, radios and appliances

Mercury Cell Batteries

Hearing aids, pacemakers, cameras, calculators, watches, etc.



Cameras, rechargeable appliances such as portable power tools, hand held vacuums, etc.

Sealed lead-acid

Camcorders, computers, portable radios, and tape players, cellular phones, etc.

Recycling box Design


Product material
Standard sizes

: Cardboard
: Yellow
: 177mm width; 177mm length; 180mm height


Battery Recycling Service

  • Pickup Service

  • Certificate of Recycling of Batteries

  • Battery recycling box which can hold up to 20 KG of batteries.

► Price is valid for 1 month.
► Advance payment

Per Box