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To become a leading waste management solution platform in Southeast Asia that produces zero waste and zero carbon footprint. 

To process material in a safe, non-hazardous manner with an aim to keep the world environmentally clean.


Introduce a waste management system in Southeast Asia to develop proper waste management and recycling culture.



Waste Management and Recycling Service
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Papers and Documents Recycling Service
Waste Auditing Service
You Clean-up,
We Recycle
(Clean-up Campaign)
  • Initial Waste audit

  • Waste segregation and awareness training

  • Setting up segregation bins

  • Schedule Pick-up and waste collection 

  • Waste characteristics and analysis

  • Transport to recycling plants

  • Reports for waste data

  • Online Dashboard

When you want to set up a recycling culture in your organization, please email to
  • Types of wastes

  • Wastes and their problems

  • 5 Rs

  • Recycling

  • Waste segregation and benefits

  • How to participate in the recycling process?

  • Impact

  • Off-site document recycling: secure and confidential

When you want to dispose of unwanted your papers and documents by sustainable, please email to
  • Solid Waste Auditing

  • Waste Audit Report

For more detail, please email to
  • Recyclable waste pickup

  • Provide waste segregation bins

  • Waste reports

When your organization is looking for to held Cleanup Campaigns, please email to
Waste Awareness and Segregation Training

Our Achievements

Positive Impact Award 2019

RecyGlo won CCI France's Young Entrepreneurs Awards 2019 in the Positive Impact Category.


RecyGlo won Myanmar Rice Bowl Award 2019 in Best Newcomer Category.

ISO 9001_2015

RecyGlo gratefully received ISO 9001-2015 from Bureau Veritas Certification after successfully passing the standards required for operations, and quality management control.


Since 2020, RecyGlo has been committed to the UN Global Compact corporate responsibility initiative and its principles in the areas of human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption.

Our valued Customers



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