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RecyGlo's ISO 9001:2015 Certificate Award Ceremony & Panel Discussion

Thank you all the panelists for sharing the knowledge of ISO which is very important for every business sector. We hope all of the participants got the information, and can apply in your businesses and organizations.

Why ISO?

ISO - International Organization of Standardization 9001 - 2015 drives us to have the

professional platform of working qualities. The quality management of our own community should meet the requirements for the workforce, and formation of job descriptions. According to the international organization of standards, RecyGlo, our future working structure and waste management service have been modified and fixed with our customers’ needs, and wants. Therefore, it is way more satisfied and supportive to have the loyal

communities, companies which are applying our waste management, waste segregation and recycling service at the workplace, and home compounds. It is great to be with you!

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